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Road network:

-exit to north-south motorway Budapest-Varaždin-Zagreb-Rijeka, and the major east-west road Osijek-Varaždin-Slovenia-Austria
-a road network that allows transport to any part of Europe
-the nearest port on the Adriatic is Rijeka, 250 km away

Railway transport

Air transport
Varaždin airport
suitable for handling cargo and passenger aircraft

Distances from some Europe cities:

Beč 328 km
Bratislava 362 km
Budimpešta 274 km
Bukurešt 1014 km
Graz 137 km
Ljubljana 178 km
München 585 km
Milano 677 km
Prag 648 km
Sarajevo 460 km
Skopje 838 km
Sofija 830 km

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