The Varaždin Free Zone is an area covering about 62 hectares with all the necessary infrastructure to allow future construction development. The land is located in the municipality of Trnovec Bartolovečki, east of the town of Varaždin. A major state road cuts through the southern part of the zone, while the north part stretches along Varaždin Lake.

Communal infrastructure
Full communal infrastructure reaching your lot:
*electric power
* water
* sewage
* gas
* telephone lines
* road

Modern legal framework
* equal opportunities for domestic and foreign capital
* stimulating tax incensitives
* right to land and property ownership
* free transfer of profits anywhere abroad

Logistic infrastructure
The Varaždin Free zone will provide any information relating to foreign investments and lobbying with local and state authorities, providing your program has been assessed as viable and likely to offer employment opportunities.
* developed financial sector
* lively enterprise and a long tradition of business with the rest of the world

At the Varaždin Free Zone is no more free land for sale and rent.

Rent an office or facilities on request.
Contact telephone: +385 42 492 024 or mobile: +385 99 2492 024 (Krunoslav Jambrešić)

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